Jungleeez Minecraft 1.1 Seed

Seed Code: Jungleeez

Jungles Everywhere! This Seed shows you the new Jungle Biome introduced in 12w03a. If you download the map you won't have the new wood or leaves but you can enjoy the Seed in all its beauty.


X: 231 / Y: 75 / Z: 296

Jungles!!! And beaches!!

X: 146 / Y: 80 / Z: 168

More Jungle.

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this seed is for 1.2 prerealise

This is a great way to test the jungles in 12w03a. So much fun exploring it!

my stupid mac wont let me download 12wo3a :(

Where are the pumpkins?

I have just explored the large desert and found 4 dungeons near the surface:
X: 324, Y: 56, Z: 61
X: 434, Y: 57, Z: -64
X: 699, Y: 56, Z:-358
X: 760, Y: 62, Z:-104

A few bukkits, some redstone, bread, wheat and a record can be found.

I mean the desert to the right, if you look onto the cartograph map.

Wow.. this is true? very awesome !

why is it snow in jungle?hae

Thanks zipclaw! You can also see one in the cartograph map near the river on the right.

it doesnt work :(

It didn't work E:^( i spawned in a hilly plain and then dirt mountain range but i downloaded everything plz help!

There's a NPC Village at x:57 y:83 z: 323

this dosnt work for 1.1 it works for the snapshoots of 1.2

does it have to be for creative?

on this seed i didn't find a jungle but i did find an NPC village!!!!!

Ummm....spawned me in a Plain/Mountain biome.

*Clicks Red Thumb*

theers no Jungle

In all seeds you need to explore to fine the things

Gnarly seed found a villege

i found the jungle!!!!!!

where is download buttomseedcode? omg i can't find it

Oh btw try -34591957 as a seed. It spawns you in a jungle biome. With a LAVA PIT and lots of caves with iron and coal in them. tested it on creative 1.2

Nobody found the jungle biome on this seed because jungle biomes aren't in v. 1.1. I would know, I still play it.

so what its just a jungle seed

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