Killing In The Name Minecraft 1.1 Seed

Seed Code: Killing In The Name

Pretty sweet seed,but you must type it in caps and all. I was just listening to the song so i typed it in and viola! Has loads of animals.....and lots of caves you spawn close to a nice village. ENJOY! Btw this is my first seed post:P please tell me what you think!

Spawn points

X: -48 / Y: 80 / Z: 233


X: 27 / Y: 69 / Z: 193

This is the chest that has an iron pick, 2 diamonds, and some gold and iron ingots.That should get you started! :D

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Accurate description but if u press f3 the seed actually is 506116889

The geography of the village is horrible :(
I guess that's due to 1.1 biomes being more "hilly"
These new hills screwed the villages!

needs more diamonds

@Ninjabunny Yeah, but the words make a seed number. So your seed number= Killing In The Name

maybe its worth it maybe not but its still fine

That's a cool map because the village is so large! And I think it's cool that the villages are set on these hills, it makes them look more interesting :)

Under the desert right by the village are two underground ravines. Within one ravine is a Spider Dungeon at X: 94.38, Y: 40.62, Z: 254.76, and a skeleton Dungeon at X: 57.85, Y: 18.62, Z: 244.45.

One last comment. There is an abandoned mine fairly close. (X: -12.69, Y: 30.62, Z: -146.32.) And on the way there from the Village there is what looks like a Huge Giant Peeing Lava. Would make a great screen shot for this Seed.

It won't work but I will Try again

Try going to the seed arnold

Great seed but can't find any more diamonds:(


Going to try this seed myself. I will tell you the results of my test. ;-)

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