Magic School Minecraft 1.1 Seed

Seed Code: Magic School

Best. Seed. Of 1.1 this far. And of all other versions. Convince youself if you don't believe me. Just try the seed. And look at the locations.

Spawn points

X: -80 / Y: 70 / Z: 257


X: 300 / Y: 80 / Z: 250

Eeeeeeeeeeepic mountain range! Epic! When I discovered this area of the seed, I just couldn't stop taking pictures of it. I mean, look at it! It has everything: Tall mountains, waterfalls, lakes, strange flying stuff- one of the mountains even has it's own cave system inside. Living inside of a mountain has never been easier!

X: 320 / Y: 110 / Z: 160

OMG! It's a god damn UFO! I bet with all of you that you will never ever find such a thing again. If you do, post the seed in the comments and it will be added to the site.

X: 100 / Y: 90 / Z: 200

Nice mountain with a nice little tree and nice little pumpkins. Nice.

X: 96 / Y: 14 / Z: 210

Diamonds! But before you freak out, let me say that you will never find them (exept you go to the coordinates and dig down, what is gay). The reason is, that they are hidden somewhere inside of nothing but the biggest biggest BIGGEST(!) cave system ever created by the world generator. You find the entrance at ((130|60|140). But you will never find a way out.When you went so far that you find the diamonds.And if you don't just dig up.Which is gay.

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that creeper is telling you:this seed sucks creeper: find a better seed or i will blow ja up cssssssssss BOOOOOOOOM!!!

pretty bad seed... better seed is IMPORTANT

wow this seed looks a bit rubbish but atleast it has cool flying land and a big cave system so stop hating

Cool enough looking seed, the UFO is cool. ;D

anyone who likes this seed better jump off a montain biome into lava

i made my house on the UFO

bad for suvival because you will say holly shit

dang! how do u get the Y to change it wont budge. its on Y: 65

Try jumping up and down^^
The y coordinates show your hight.

i tried the seed but i spawned in the oecan next to a meidem-sized iisland and there wuz a HUGE cave system that i explored


cool seed: yes or no

creeper ooooo diamonds! steve 0.0 creeper ssssssss
steve 0h [email protected]
creeper sssssssssssssss BOOM!

ok if this seed is good then the admin is a gorilla to accept this seed im sry for the rough language but this sucks it doesnt have anything interesting and this is worthless so go jump in a lake whoever made this seed

DIAMONDS!!! good location

Hey Diamonds no waorking.But x 105, y 17, z 234 are redstone, iron and lapis lazuli

and Gold!!!

those who comment BEFORE they have explored the hole world, they are REETHARDS!

And only does who have found a better seed by themselves, not stolen someone elses, only these persons can tell anyone that there seed sucks.

By the way, Sweden is awesome!

They created this game that everyone here plays, and it is a beautiful country.

this seed is so cool i found 22 diamonds in THE FIRST DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

havent checked it out yet but looks pretty cool!^ ^

spawned in lava

O_o I want to place my house on that UFO.!

I personally enjoy this seed. . . .i built my house on the UFO :) the diamond is really useful if you don't like it dont be harsh (phantom miner) I like it

phantom miner just so you know:
1: the seeds are randomly generated
2: You are just way to harsh and a bit of a d**** head so stop commenting thnkz

phantom miner just so you know:
1: the seeds are randomly generated
2: You are just way to harsh and a bit of a d**** head so stop commenting thnkz

Sorry guys ignore my last comments but you all should ignore phantom mine cause
Obvious troll is Obvious

Sweet! I've just received my free minecraft giftcode!

>> minecraftcodes.info <<

the creeper is a very good thing to put in a photo
its a very good sedd!!

i cant find out how to get the seed

whats the seed?

LOL I built a house on the UFO.

the seed is below the big pic at the top of this page. look, it's written big.

I who'd like to do thith

Is 'gay' good or bad? Because, I'm gay and I think I'm pretty cool. I also love minecraft.


First of all, nice seed.
Second of all, is it a challenge?
Third of all, guys stop randomly commenting about admins and creepers and admins and sucking and admins.

Thank you.

I feel kinda let down by the name. When it said 'Magic School' I assumed there would be a huge NPC village/castle. Sad... Still, pretty kick @$$ seed. Very beautiful. Very calm and serene. @Robert4656 Gay has at least 3 meanings. The first is that rather sucky one from way-back-in-the-day that means happy. The second is the homosexual definition. And the third and most common is used in place of the word 'lame', but can easily be confused with the second definition (i.e. That seminar was gay). Actually, I think people mostly use homo instead of gay now :/

uuuhhhggggg wwhy isnt it leting me on the world iv treid like 12 diff 1s plzz help each time i type in seed it wont let me plsy this world plzzz hellllllllllpppppppp!!!!!!!!!!!!=(



whhheeeeerrrrrss the seed

Stop saying gay for petesake !

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