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Seed Code: manymanymonsters

This really turned out to be an awesome map! Mountains with overhangs, deserts, a huge forest, NPC village, a humongous ravine... give it a try! I like it so much I think I'll consider it for our new server map!

Spawn points

X: 228 / Y: 80 / Z: 256


X: 52 / Y: 68 / Z: 327

A huuuge ravine within a ravine! It's full of lava and waterfalls and further back (entrance: x98, y30, z371) the bottom is a full lava lake with waterfalls, making a nice mining spot for obsidian. The ravines are also full of coal, redstone, iron and gold.

X: 529 / Y: 111 / Z: 654

The map has a nice coastline and if you fly over the sea a little bit, you will find this neat little island!

X: -266 / Y: 78 / Z: 134

A cool hill in the desert with a waterfall, I think well situated for a desert castle :)

X: -139 / Y: 70 / Z: 36

Small NPC village with an almost sunken-in blacksmith! In his chest there are iron leggins, an iron axe and 6 blocks of obsidian.

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Very nice Seed!


i died in survival mode in 5 seconds.
but in create mode its awesome.

Wow this seed pictures have good graphics! Im pretty sure this is a good seed too!

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