praise enderman Minecraft 1.1 Seed

Seed Code: praise enderman

I seed I found on accident... But it did end up well!

A nearby island with what do you know - a pumpkin!

x: -
y: -
z: -

Spawn points

X: 368 / Y: 66 / Z: 146


X: -96 / Y: 45 / Z: 299

A chest in a mineshaft that enters the surface of the ocean. Unless you are incredibly intelligent, you will not be able to get here without using creative or mods. Right next to this chest is also a water-lava pool with only 1 obsidan. :/ Not the best, but hey, the chest has diamonds and bread! Cheers!

X: -129 / Y: 43 / Z: 314

Here we have a SPIDER SPAWNER. It has no mossy cobble I am aware of but the monster spawner can be useful for unlimited food!

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If you could add the cords for the last location and a picture for both locations we will accept this seed.

It's basically right behind the spawn island. I don't really remember where though.

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