Rainbow Sheep Minecraft 1.1 Seed

Seed Code: Rainbow Sheep

My first one today!

Spawn points

X: 56 / Y: 43 / Z: 22


X: 0 / Y: 0 / Z: 0

Those caves look nice to build in or hangout in.

X: 0 / Y: 0 / Z: 0

What the heck is this!??!

X: 0 / Y: 0 / Z: 0

Giant mountains in here!

X: 0 / Y: 0 / Z: 0

Pumpkins on big mountains!

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Looks interesting but without sharing the coordinates how would anyone know where to look?

Sure I should add it. But Im new and dont know alot of things.

2 Thumbs down in one day? HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE?!?!

Welcome to the site. Anyways, please add locations using the cordinate plane in minecraft. Hitting F3 reveals your cordinates. Simply go to the location, hit F3 , and those are your cordinates. Put those in the desc of the location in this seed. Otherwise, its just a few pictures of a seed that no one else can go too

But Im pretty sure the would find in evauntly

booooring =/

Have you even tried exploring it?

i thumbed up because i have never rated before and i wanted to try...think it'll work for 1.3.1

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