tons o' stuffMinecraft 1.10 Seed

this seed has all you need for survival minecraft, an island chain, with mountans on one side, an ocean monument on the other, find out by using this seed (ONLY WORKS IN 1.11 SNAPSHOTS)

Seed Code: 5815896457687435

Spawn points

X: -197 / Y: 67 / Z: 233


X: 71 / Y: 137 / Z: 377

a huge mountan located in a great spot, try to find emeralds there

X: 49 / Y: 77 / Z: 488

a nice little pumpkin patch next to a cave

X: -188 / Y: 35 / Z: 321

a dungeon with some reasonible loot, (spawns zombies)

X: -226 / Y: 50 / Z: 258

a window from a cave to the ocean, makes you wonder about minecraft physics

X: -393 / Y: 39 / Z: 253

an ocean monument, not far from spawn,
(this set of coordinates will get you under the gold blocks in the monument)

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