Villages, a Witches Hut, and Igloos oh my!Minecraft 1.10 Seed

I found so many buildings and photogenic places so I had to share!
Btw, this is for Minecraft 1.10
There are 3 villages, two witch huts, and two igloos a long with a few other things you might enjoy.
Neither of the igloos have basements, sorry. You might be able to find some in that area since I didn't really look.
It took me a bit to find all this, so it's kinda spread apart haha..
I recommend teleporting.
Sadly, only one of the villages has a blacksmith.
But there's plenty of crops.
Now let's get to the part you actually care about: Where this stuff is.
I'll list the coordinates.
Spruce Village (with blacksmith): 15 7 14
Spruce Village 2: -864 122 541
Normal Village: -235 118 1766
Igloo 1: 3335 67 2068
Igloo 2: 3389 71 1892
Witches Hut: 1348 67 2387

It's not a lot, but if you look you can probably find more.
That's the case in most seeds actually.
But anyway, hope you enjoy it!

Seed Code: 6539273176025309435

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