Decent creative and survival starter seed.

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Minecraft 1.11 Seed Survival Seeds

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This seed is my first world, made back in 1.8.9. Recreated in 1.11, this features two villages, a ravine, a mountain, and a dungeon near the taiga village. Decent creative seed and survival starter seed.

Seed Code: -1822690130793130707


X: -492 / Y: 90 / Z: 277

This is the taiga village seed, not too far away from this point is a dungeon with some decent things in it, plus a CD. This will not spawn without 1.10+.

X: 200 / Y: 100 / Z: 216

This is the second village, turns out it too was a taiga village. The blacksmith's shop has a chest with an iron sword, gold horse armor, an apple, and an iron ingot. The gold armor and iron items are good, decent things.

X: -277 / Y: 79 / Z: 379

This is a ravine. It features another dungeon, some things in there, a series of caves that go almost to the bedrock level, and a good way out. Usually, ravines are difficult to escape, especially if it's as deep as this one. However, this ravine features a water source that almost goes back to the ground level. Will only need to mine a few blocks to get out and back on the ground. A suggested item to take with you is a bucket of water.

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