desert blacksmith with amazing lootMinecraft 1.11 Seed

this village will have a blacksmith with unbelievable loot.it is VERY far from spawn but the loot is worth it.if it doesn't work try the latest snapshot (16w50a)

Seed Code: -5629177291636485491

Spawn points

X: 122 / Y: 67 / Z: 264


X: -420 / Y: 64 / Z: 131

the chest contains 3 diamonds 7 obsidian a saddle 2 iron ingots an iron sword and pickaxe and 1 bread.you get plenty of farms too.

X: 318 / Y: 72 / Z: 199

apparently there is another village you might wanna invade before the other one as it is near spawn.it also has a blacksmith containing junk loot(not really).it contains 7 iron ingots iron boots and an iron sword.

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