5 Minecraft Mansion Seeds (1.12.2)!Minecraft 1.12 Seed

These are 5 Minecraft Mansion Seeds! Be sure to check out the video for more information about the seeds and some cool locations within the seeds including the location of the mansions!

Seed 5. 3 Villages and a Mansion Seed
Seed ID: -9054931623520166619

Seed 4. Mansion Next To Spawn Seed!
Seed ID: -6517973266749206200

Seed 3. Village at Spawn Seed!
Seed ID: 179056172793852574

Seed 2. Mansion Close to Spawn!
Seed ID: 5593246026349134104

Seed 1. Spawn Between Village and Mansion!
Seed ID: -1359522484526003941

Seed Code: 5 Minecraft Mansion Seeds 1.12.2

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