Cool seed

8,939 views • Aug 8, 2017

Minecraft 1.12 Seed

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Mineshaft X2 + Multi biomes

Seed Code: -983615701995495001

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allamseedfreakUm... what is that perfectly rectangular hole in the mountain? There is also a mesa biome near spawn.


stagehog81If you like exploring mine shafts I highly recommend this seed. It seems like everywhere I go I spot another mine shaft with many of them being partially above ground.

There are 2 separate mine shafts you can find digging down right at spawn and near the rectangular hole in the mountain right next to spawn. A short ways away there is a village with a desert temple. A short walk in the other direction and you find another desert temple. A short walk past that desert temple and you find another mine shaft that is partially above ground. Take a walk through the enormous mesa biome across from spawn and you will find another 2-3 mine shafts that are partially above ground.

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