Top 5 Seeds for Minecraft 1.12.2Minecraft 1.12 Seed

*Coordinates listed in video or in video description.*

Seed 5. Woodland Mansion Seed
Seed ID: -971895743385895933
Source Video: https://youtu.be/2GI5rJ-NFBY

Seed 4. Village At Spawn and Double Jungle Temple Seed
Seed ID: 198901896753628
Soure Video: https://youtu.be/zhxGvojhtv0

Seed 3. Spawn Igloo Seed
Seed ID: 8749017944133177064

Seed 2. Desert Temple Inside Village Seed
Seed ID: 2629487915877515039

Seed 1. Mushroom Island Seed
Seed ID: 4360143850611201777

Seed Code: 4360143850611201777

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