Village/2 Ravines/Mineshaft/Double Skelton Spawner at spawn!Minecraft 1.12 Seed

Got lucky today and finally found a survival seed worth mentioning! Spawn facing the roofed forest and turn around to face the plains, then walk 30 or so blocks forward and 15 or so to the right, and... Bam! Screeners and main pic have coords for all of the above, plus two cave spider spawners I wasn't sure if were worth mentioning ahead of time, so, bonus! The second ravine is shorter and off the left of the main oneif you back is to the village and you're looking at the ravine. Not hard to find, I promise! Enjoy and please make a seed showcase if you are a youtuber! (AntVenom *Cough Cough*)

Seed Code: -1993269027

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