2 Villages , a Mineshaft, and tall snow mountains.Minecraft 1.13 Seed

Seed: -1105858919 (Java Edition)
Village at the northeast from the world spawn point.
Another village at the southeast from the world spawn point.
World spawn point: -256 68 -239
Village 1 (northeast) Coordinate: -178 71 -281 Village 2 (southeast) Coordinate: 83 69 -1
With mineshafts under the villages. (Generates in 1.13+)
Looking for the shortcut? Try digging down in the villager's well.
Also includes tall mountains, some of them exceeds the cloud height (y 127)

Seed Code: -1105858919

Spawn points

X: -256 / Y: 68 / Z: -239


X: 0 / Y: 0 / Z: 0

This seed was actually based from an username, but the owner actually told me on my Youtube comment to remove her username from this page's description and show only the seed code instead. So sorry if the username generating the code is no longer exists anymore.
How I got this seed code, is actually, I tried the seed experiment using that "username", and it worked. It generates 2 villages, a mineshaft under the 1st northeast village, and tall snow mountains.
Note: the mineshaft doesn't generate near the village if you're using 1.12.2 or older.

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