Minecraft Pandas in Bamboo Forest at SpawnMinecraft 1.14 Seed

An excellent seed to explore the new Panda mob in Minecraft 1.14. A large bamboo jungle and pandas are located at coordinates x-0, z-0. You spawn around 150 blocks from this and can see the jungle.

There is also a nearby plains village with a Pillager Outpost in 18w50a and above.

Use at least 1.14 snapshot 18w44a because previous snapshots had a problem with Pandas spawning. The jungle is still there is earlier snapshots though.

Seed Code: -6007508716048973791

Spawn points

X: -160 / Y: 66 / Z: -32


X: -160 / Y: 66 / Z: -32

Pandas habitat

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Thanks for the seed :) hopefully people know to add the - before the numbers. You'd think that'd be common sense 😂

I put in the seed and went to the coordinates and it’s not there sooooo

Did you add the -? Cause you kinda need that to get the right seed, if you don't you get a different one....I did it just now and I see the bamboo biome and the village as well.