Pretty good startMinecraft 1.14 Seed

Seed with different biomes, a Swamp Hut and 2 Villages.
This is my second post here :)
Seed should work with any version up to 1.14 snapshot 18w43a, until the latest version (now 1.16 snapshot 20w15a)

Seed Code: 2060093894

Spawn points

X: -47 / Y: 93 / Z: -142


X: 378 / Y: 70 / Z: -958

Rare Plains Village in mid of a River and 4 biomes: Forest, Dark Forest, Plains and Swamp. Village is next to Flower Forest. Walk West from there, or north from spawn and there is another swamp with a swamp hut on it.

X: 20 / Y: 68 / Z: -796

Swamp Hut, walking north from spawn or west from village. Has a witch and cat.

X: 41 / Y: 77 / Z: 680

Taiga Village, with Beaches, a River(?) and Cold Ocean lake. Walking south from the spawn. There's mountains and a plain on the way there, so if you see them you are good.

X: 99,999 / Y: 99,999 / Z: 99,999

Thanks! Hope you enjoy the seed!

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