Tamed or Not

1,382 views • Jun 9, 2020

Minecraft 1.14 Seed

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One player is said to have discovered this seed at random, though many suspect that's a lie. It will be up to you to discover whether or not the tales are true.
Apparently, upon spawning into the world, this anonymous player looked around to discover a pack of at least 14 wolves -- which were all apparently already tamed -- were awaiting his every movement. They followed him closely and teleported if he went too far.
Should the story be true, this would be incredibly creepy.Well, there you have it, a few Minecraft seeds to keep you up late at night with their weird nature and creepy activity. We'd be interested to know of any more you happen across in your play time.

This Seed Can be a world for Minecraft aventures

Seed Code: Anvil oh

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