VILLAGE AT SPAWN SEED!Minecraft 1.14 Seed

This Minecraft 1.14 Village and Pillage Seed features a village at spawn! This is a Minecraft Village Seed Showcase was recorded in Minecraft 1.14.4. I will be posting more Minecraft Seed Reviews and Minecraft Seed Showcases in the future so stay tuned! I hope you enjoy this Minecraft village seed!

Village: x: (95) y: (63) z: (-200)
Village: x: (-200) y: (74) z: (25)
Jungle Temple: x: (-185) y: (64) z: (-1025)
Desert Temple: x: (-675) y: (69) z: (575)
Mushroom Fields: x: (1300) y: (64) z: (1300)
Stronghold: x: (1487) y: (39) z: (1247)

Seed Code: 8192760900760477772

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