[ONLY FOR 1.3] This Seed spawns you near a Jungle Temple, go check it out.

Seed Code: -1501881007

Spawn points

X: 196 / Y: 65 / Z: 243


X: 72 / Y: 78 / Z: 230

This is the jungle temple only available in 1.3. Follow the river to get to it.

X: 50 / Y: 47 / Z: 263

A cool ravine with some trees in it.

X: 68 / Y: 57 / Z: 240

Underneath the Temple there is another ravine.

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esert village at x-126 z-220


awesome (=
I love temples, and with a ravine as gift... perfect, I say (=
Just one question: what's the name os this texture pack?

What's the texture pack?(gave u thumbs up)

Sorry for spam I pressed add comment twice

Fixed it

small pyramid at x600 z250

can i make a youtube video on this?

Feel free to ;) Would be nice if you could give a backlink to us

Another temple @ X -264 Y 81 Z 293

There is a random pit of lava in the middle of the dessert, WTF, I WOULD'VE DIED IF I WASN'T ON CREATIVE, WTFWTFWTFW6TF

if u figure out the puzzle u find a chest with 4 emeralds,1 iron ingot,and 7 rotten flesh! thumbs up! x3

great seed!! im about to test it!
by the way, which texture pack are you using here?
(gaveyou thumbs up!!)

Ya know, if you enable cheats, you can make your own village :/

mineshaft is their to

how do you solve the puzzle


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