-1519392852 Minecraft 1.2 - 1.3.2 Seed

Seed Code: -1519392852

A giant ocean biome with a few scattered islands. Not ideal for survival mode but feel free to try it anyway.

Spawn points

X: -463 / Y: 66 / Z: -290


X: -463 / Y: 66 / Z: -290

The initial spawn point as you enter the world.

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hi how are you?

good for a challange

Ya I was thinking that this could be a survival challenge to see how long you could live or something.

have you seen my seed

I have now. :)

you like it?

Yeah it looks cool. I gave it a like.

try the seed -012345678909876543210-

Gave it a try, having fun - still surviving on the island. Food was a real challenge (wheat>bread).
Rotten flesh is bad stuff. Without the tree on the other island (west) it would not have been possible.

this seed is very hard to concentrate on but it is cool
well...its hard to concentrate cuz what if u wanna make tnt n theres no creepers around cuz u set to many torches around it
well< the island??

This has no trees not for survival island.

guys if you like this be sure to try out jebrocks

I went tunneling toward the nearest piece of land and then down and found and underground ravine.. Then spent three mc days touring the water finding a few trees, making a boat.. Ultimately, What more could you ask for. Great for starting out with basics and working your way around.

X: -1236
y: 69
z: -677

x: -1058
y: 68
Z: -838

x: -1567
y: 108
z: -880

x: -1631
y: 108
z: -241

x: -2437
y: 72
z: -1076

and there's a huge mushroom island to the south of spawn

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