-2319643315403588955Minecraft 1.2 - 1.3.2 Seed

In this seed you can easily get a great start without using bonus chest. For there is twoDesert Temples near spawn , sadly there is no Jungle Temple nearby that I found at least.

Preview Image is between location 1 and 2. a nice stone aera with coal, nice for those who want a stone floor.

To get to location 3, there is a enterance about right above it at x:-301 y:18 z:279 .. you go in a little and there is a hole to your left.. This cave system is big and includes an old mine shaft that has at least two cave spider spawners (which means lots of cobwebs for those who enjoy silk touching for them). (x,y,z) 1 at ( -65,17,327) another at (-245,y,255) sorry seems I didn't write down the y.

There is a small patch of pumpkins at x:149 z:382 if you go out traveling to explore there is a larger patch out at x:80 z:470

There are also another two locations with Desert Pryimads, a 3rd location is at x:26 z:138 with.. 27bone, 17rotten flesh, 3iron ingot, 27gold ingot.. and 4th location that I shall keep a secert so there is still a reason to explore.

Seed Code: -2319643315403588955

Spawn points

X: -226 / Y: 64 / Z: 295


X: -149 / Y: 0 / Z: 282

This Desert Pryamid can be seen when you spawn, inside includes..34bones, 15rotten flesh, 13iron ingots, 16gold ingots, 2emeralds, 2diamond

X: 26 / Y: 0 / Z: 138

Another Desert Pryamid not too far from the first, and well worth the quick trip for...24bone, 6rotten flesh, 21gold ingots, 3emeralds, 3diamond

X: -245 / Y: 49 / Z: 254

A normal spider spawner, with two chests that have 2cocoa beans, 1bread, 2saddle, 1gunpowder, 2buckets.. not worthwhile items but the saddles... enterance to the cave system is noted in overall description

X: -152 / Y: 0 / Z: -805

Rather far away from spawn but if you want to use your emeralds in trade this was the only npc town i found

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great seed man =D

oh and it is a jungle temple it is right next to the village!

Didn't go exploring around the village xD well there is a nice supply of moss stone :P


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