2525617506084080286Minecraft 1.2 - 1.3.2 Seed

If you googled something like "cool minecraft 1.3.1 seed with lots of diamond and emerald" and ended up here- you absoluteley found what you wanted: a seed with 14 diamonds and 3 emeralds can be found, hidden in chests in villages and pyramids. 14 freaking diamonds!

Seed Code: 2525617506084080286


X: 246 / Y: 70 / Z: 106

First Pyramid with diamonds in the chests, along with some bones, iron and gold.

X: -213 / Y: 70 / Z: -447

A second pyramid with even more diamonds and 3 emeralds! Be sure to check out a third pyramid at (5|65|-930).

X: 20 / Y: 75 / Z: -727

A sand village. You will find a house with a chest, and in the chest you will find -guess what- more freaking diamonds!! There are other villages at (335|60|150) and (560|70|60)

X: 735 / Y: 15 / Z: -18

A stronghold. No diamonds in here. You got enough of them anyways, don't you?

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I play on Xbox 360 version I am not sure if the seed number loads the same on there, but the first pyramid temple was right there at exact coordinates, yet the rest were very very sketchy. None of the villages were at right places and none of them had blacksmiths with chests the x,y, and z lines for temples led to the villages, and the other temples were not there, mostly because on Xbox the map only goes to 432 each way. I am not trying to attack or put anyone down here. I am just wondering if somebody can explain if Xbox coordinates are that different from PC, and if so how can I adjust to find the places the author mentions? Thanks in advance for any help.

I play on ps3 and I looked everywhere for the place but must of them go off the map for the other ones i can't even find those I even looked at the comments for different places they mght be.

I play on ps3 and I looked everywhere for the place but must of them go off the map for the other ones i can't even find those I even looked at the comments for different places they mght be.

Let me get this straight.. 3 Villages, 3 Pyramids, And a Stronghold?!? Thats crazy...

There ARE diamond i the stronghold.I am on dat 3 of COMPLETELY tearing apart the stronghold to make one above ground and have found countless chests.Only four of witch contained diamonds for a total of 6 so far.I have a roughly drawn scope of the place.It has 7 levels if you are to call the room with the end portal in it the highest floor.Each level has countless librarys and dungeons,including the one I use for keeping everything I found.I have a serious problem with monsters but nothing i haven't been able to handle.I have closed off dead ends and loops with sand so that it cuts my chances of getting lost.Still with the stronghold being awkwardly intertwined with a mineshaft things have been getting hairy the deeper I go. Some keys for finding chests would be to dig through random walls.A majority so far I have found by trying to make shortcuts to where I need to go.I have found two chests already that were completely encased in stone leaving only a few blocks on either side.If this place wasn't so big and windy I probably could have called it my own. I suggest that if you do find the stronghold go with ridiculous amounts of torches and follow one path at a time.Block off dead ends and loops with a noticable block type.And follow your gut with sounds if you have MOBs on.The libraries seem to be the only safe havens in this stronghold.I wish you luck.-Brosifus

can i make a youtube video on this?

Of course you can!
Why not?

awesome seed

I tried this seed and heve found all the above stuff except the second pyramid which is a lake.

@GabrielHazen - I've completeley searched the 7 levels but have only found the 2 chests that r near the stairs that connect the ender portal to the floor above it

Also there's a GIANT ravine/mineshaft @: x:605, and z: -28. :)

Good Lord dude this is one of the best seeds I have ever play. I enjoy my time in minecraft with this seed. Only in 3 days you can loot all of this things and there is a good trading because they are 3 villages :).

I have found a good seed, Its just like the river Nile with 3 pyramids, 3 wells 2 dungeons and 4 villages(dont bother about one of them only has 3 houses). 2 pyramids conveniently spawn close to the villages. The seed is -626583574039819062.

Sorry and you would need to have large bioms for it to work.

guys, there are actually two strongholds near spawn, the one in the video and (the end portal) is at
x: -448
y: 25
z: -484

there is also a spider spawner inside of the stronghold :) enjoy!

Wow.And I thought india was a good seed.


This is the best seed I've ever tried, TOTALLY FUCKING AWESOME

Mushroom Island:

ima gona get this seed thx it looks boss XD

i cannot find the second pyramid

very helpful video!

I can confirm that the stronghold DOES contain diamonds. It is far from easy though. By far one of the more difficult strongholds. The only real safe haven is in a library. Now, can someone tell me how to locate an XYZ coordinate? :/

And no one googled this. Because you never find what you want when you google stuff. Those days are dead and gone.

Want di you type in the seed slot

ya that's crazy no i'm kidding well done hahaha

toooooooo many diamonds for mee :P

lol where did you spawn im lost i spawned near a bunch of dogs

ya and whats the dang seed code for this map again?I cant find the friggen think =P

i really want a map all the codes are out dated i might think =/

Cool this is the best fucken seed I've ever seen and tried OMG THIS IS AWESOME

wow so COOL

Really good seed. But its kinda long.

How do you find stronghold?

You use coordinates by pressing f3

i has fowd a stronghold. :)

i got this seed putting THEWORSTSEEDEVER stayed in caps




There is a little wooden house on:
x: 708
y: 69
z: 116

This rocks. Everyone who dislikes this seed... you're as crazy as a weird clown. This is awesome! Thanks... uh... person who made this! :)

FYI, Jacob_Lego oo, this is the spawn code: 2525617506084080286

i like the map dude:):)

well I used this for 1.4.5 and although it is different I have found 2 villages, a pyramid, and an abandoned mine. So for anyone using this in 1.4.5 here are the co-ords I have:
Village #1:
x: 342
y: 70
z: 147
Village #2:
x: 546
y: 67
z: 44
x: 246
y: 67
z: 106
Abandoned Mine:
x: 728
y: 11
z: 279
When I found the mine I was strip mining. If I find more I will update you on my findings.

I like it! I don't see why there is 77 dislikes

I don't think that the one person typed THEWORSTSEEDEVER and got this seed hes probably lieing.

I can't find the stronghold can someone help me!!! |: (

can someone giv me the coordnte entrance of the stronghold?

Minecraft is so f*****g good

Minecraft is so f*****g good

This seed is amazing! I spawned right near the first pyramid and there was a village really nearby that I build my house next to, which also happened to be wolf world, so I took the bones I got to get myself some doggies! I LOVE this seed!!

Im new to this site. has any one found the seed Jonny GoldenApples

If heard of the seed. sounds preatty cool.

Does anyone who has played this seed with 1.4 know coordinates for a stronghold that actually work?

Never mind, I'l just switch to creative ( I have cheats enabled) and use eyes of ender. By the way, there are two more diamonds deep inside of an abandoned mine that crosses a ravine with a tree at the bottom.

Y are ther so many thumbs DOWN? THIS SEED IS FRIGIN AWESOME!

In 1.4.6. there is
-NPC Village in X:393 Z:130
-Temple X:243 Z:160, 9 bones, 5 rotten fleshes, 1 diamond
-A really big mine, I don't find any diamonds yet, but lot of iron, redstone, an coal. And a ravine;D
That's X:196 Y:58 Z:164 <-- It starts there.


co to USA bo ja nie wiem

This seed looks great for millenaire!! All the good resources!!!!

there is diamonds in the stronghold near larver and the is some more hidden under the silverfish stone

Cordants For Strong Hold Is Acually

Are all these seed locations from PC or Xbox 360 versions? Can the coordinates be converted?

There's also a pyramid and a village with about ten gold ingots at X:157 Y:75 Z:194!

And there are some nice mountains near that location!

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