This world is superb in the way of caves, and has a lot of animals and trees to much around with. There are many many MANY caves right by the spawn point, along with several others...when you venture out! There is a desert well, a hillside jungle cave, easy-to-find-diamond and a blacksmith's chest.

Seed Code: 286835291


X: 216 / Y: 68 / Z: 167

Dig down 34 from these coordinates, and you'll reach a cave (be careful - there is a 21 square drop!)with lava, diamond (x=217.30000, y=15.000, z=165.30000), redstone, iron, gold and coal. There are many adventures to be had in this cave...but make sure you leave energy for all the other dotted around this world! Be sure to check out these two caves:
Small sand cave with coal: x=223.33434 y=60.000 z=172.08981
Small Gravel cave with coal and iron: x=271.79198 y=60.000 z=129.65681

X: -161 / Y: 68 / Z: -180

This dungeon includes 2 chests, but involves digging through cobblestone in a jaw-breaking hillside cave. The cobblestone is located at x=-162.79599 y=68.000 z=180.52820
There is one or two big hillside caves with atleast 4 exits/entrances each...some more hidden than others. Be sure to explore!

X: -384 / Y: 69 / Z: 275

This is a desert well, which I had never seen before today.

X: -212 / Y: 63 / Z: 43

This is a HUGE pit of stone, with loads of coal. It is located in a desert biome.

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Pictures to come tomorrow!

cordinates for village?

Good Job! :)

pretty good if i say so myself :)

mariosyoshi the coordinates for the village (rounded) are:
x: -207
y: 67
z: 165

Sorry should've put that in!