3113679667671647177Minecraft 1.2 - 1.3.2 Seed

Starting off at the shoreline of a river to the right is a fairly modest jungle, while on the other side of the river is a small portion of the edge of the jungle connecting to a Tiaga containing Wolves, Ocelots have also been sighted in the jungle area. A little up the river within sight of the spawn is a swamplind There are some modest extreme hills further out, and the spawnpoint's river stretches out both ways for a long while. What is most impressive about this seed is a honeycombed cave system with impressive ravines.

Seed Code: 3113679667671647177

Spawn points

X: 68 / Y: 65 / Z: 256


X: -306 / Y: 39 / Z: -229

Skeleton spawner with two chests.

X: 482 / Y: 41 / Z: 364

Zombie spawner with two chests one containing a Golden Apple.

X: 1,381 / Y: 27 / Z: 650

Another spawner, with two chests together, careful of the gravel.

X: -1,066 / Y: 42 / Z: 119

One underground fortress with a library and many passageways.

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