Mob spawners galore. Starting off on and island in the middle of the ocean with 2 trees and 2 zombie spawners just below you in an intricate cave system with multiple entrances from the ocean, perfect the the scuba diver in you.

Dessert to the southeast in it is a village with lava pools on the surface. Even more south is a jungle and just before that an abandoned mine shaft. Be careful though there is a spider spawner and a skeleton spawner in the mine shaft.

Seed Code: 44323933820610

Spawn points

X: -59 / Y: 64 / Z: 11


X: -99 / Y: 41 / Z: 50

Zombie spawner

X: -63 / Y: 56 / Z: 28

another zombie spawner

X: 272 / Y: 66 / Z: -263

Small pumpkin island

X: 287 / Y: 42 / Z: 556

spider spawner in abandoned mineshaft

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