552181104271073643 Minecraft 1.2 - 1.3.2 Seed

Seed Code: 552181104271073643

Every once in a while, you can find seeds that are really special. Not just cool, or good looking, but really unique. This one is such a seed. You spawn inside a jungle in which you can find a pyramid. Yes, thats right a pyramid.


X: 123 / Y: 75 / Z: -160

Just what the fuck. This pyramid doesnt really seem to belong here. It had wondered all of its life if its creators may have made a mistake. Well they were probably all stoned like shit when they built this. Honestly

X: 123 / Y: 75 / Z: -160

I just can't get over this. What the hell went wrong here?

X: 123 / Y: 75 / Z: -160

There isn't even a desert nearby! Nowhere!

X: 123 / Y: 75 / Z: -160

I know its getting old, but can you find any reasonable explanation for this? Any? Post in the comments if so.

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what texture pack?


i wanted to find a seed that have extreme hills , jungle and a small desert and snow biome and a abandoned mineshaft
near the spawn , any suggestions?

Maybe they spawn on sand?

hey guys if you want a jungle temple type in seed called bat mans bat cave right behind spawn is the jungle temple

exploring this seed, made my base in the deasert pyramid, heres some locations.
-753,71,131.. a large sand village with church. -725,25,148 over A stronghold, and end gate. dig down from village building @ -781,65,151, and you find the top of the gate chamber, two lbraries in stronhold, and several chests, mining around area gives diomonds.
in large cave complex 2 near surface, and one underground zombi dungons, -252,59,-605: -230,60, -595 and -224,43,-612. (one has a chest with cd in it.)
look down little hole in desert at -317, 63,-515,but dont fall in, you will see a massive and deep subsurface rift, with a mine complex.

diging straight down from pyramid in deasert at -293,65,-325, you find a cave complex with dimonds, and lots of lava (mine carefully) also, at -289,12,-337, there is skeleton dungeon. underneath the jungle pyramid is a cave complex, and a sub surface rift, with lava for a floor, also,nearby you will find a spider dungeon at 120,47,-113, and a skeloton dungeon at 123,41,123.
more to be descovered in this one im sure

I Think this was just a coding mistake by Mojang; I've found jungle temples in deserts.

This is hilarious! I just can't get over this. lol

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nice seed just stop the swaring

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