-671258039 Minecraft 1.2 - 1.3.2 Seed

Seed Code: -671258039

This Seed is perfect for People who want to play survival and try to find diamomds as soon as possible. Just about 50 Blocks away from the spawn there is a village that has a chest with 9 Diamonds and 2 iron chestplates in it.

Spawn points

X: -227 / Y: 80 / Z: 156


X: -387 / Y: 66 / Z: 301

Inside the chest located in the blacksmith there are 9 Diamonds and 2 Iron Chestplates. But watch out... The villagers are watching you.

X: -362 / Y: 70 / Z: 309

Next to the village you will find the chest in there are 5 biomes: Desert, Jungle, Taiga, Forest and Flatland.

X: -227 / Y: 80 / Z: 156

This is your Spawepoint. You will spawn in A Jungle biome next to a Desert.

X: -549 / Y: 68 / Z: 472

A big stone surface in the forest.

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If I download it then how can I play it in 1.8.1 ?

Read what the Red box says when you click download. Maps above 1.2 can not be used in lower versions.

where is the village

"Admin Response: Read what the Red box says when you click download. Maps above 1.2 can not be used in lower versions."
I was able to play with a 1.2.5 map in 1.6...

Staring contest!!!!

it is not working 4 me how far do i have to go to find the village plz help?

does it work on 1.2.5?

x -189.62
y 72.62
z 484.56

Theres a lava pool at this point so yeah

Thanks so much, I had this seed then I accidentally deleted it.
I had SOOO much diamond things, But I finally got this world back.
I know this world by heart so I knew exactly where the village was.

NICE seedcode its very help for me THANKS !!!

sry this is probably a totally noob question, but why cat i trae with these villagers? ive looked on minecraft wiki and cant find the answeres,
i havnt tried trading with any villagers on another seed, only this one and they dont trade.
i havnt paid for the game, i have the free version is that the problem?
thanks in advance.

In w21b snapshot it spawns a sand village next to a pyramid!! So cool!

whats the seed adress for this.

Doesn't work for me on 1.2.5 really annoying as it seems like a great seed

In the latest snapshot you can find a piramid in the desert next to the village

@wonton, the newest update isint out yet, so there isint any trading yet. No dih.

Once you enter the building with the chest and diamonds go to the far left corner near entrance and mine straight down once you hit bed rock mine the area and you will find more diamonds

theres another village.

dosn't fucking work

On xbox, does the village/seed still work? Ik there won't be any NPCs



Y:74 (i was flyin a little off the ground)

PLZ CHECK IT OUT ITS F**KING AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Still Works on 12w24a

ive seen beter

What points are the village, i cant find it in survival, or creative!

There's lots of coal in this map, I found one vain, with 24 coal in it

Theres a dungeon on the beach, its really easy to get to

x -208
y 25
f 3
A Chest with a diamond

@wonton95, it's only with the "snapshot" jar, or the weekly updates, that you can trade with villagers, and not the official update yet. So no, you can't.

Thank you @CreeperClaus I was looking for lava

cool i thought this is for 1.3

Is this seed a PC seed or a Xbox 360 seed or both?

plz someone tell me

@Livitheepic just look for x300 z300 as an easy way to remember. it's around there. really x400ish z300ish

GUYS there's another village at x-747 z218 with A close by lava pit (a villager actually walked really close to it lol XD)at x-750 z201

IS it work on xbox

OMG i love it i got DIAMONDS i think this is the best

This is gonna be a good start for the minecraft comes alive mod!!

Best seed ever :D

i can not find a village at all all i can find is two lava pits sand ice and a under ground dungeon

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Now as notch I'm going to say: I'm very
Suprised at you I though no one could
Figher it out 10 it of 10 well done

this is awesome

Sorry if this comment is too long

at x 39 z 45 you can see the top of a zombie dungeon. be careful though because it could cave in. I also found a pretty big cave beneath it with tons of iron in it and i only went into it a little bit.

if you dig down from the blacksmith shop to bedrock you can find every ore except lapis lazuli.

There's another village x -747 z 218. Its not as good as the first, but it still has an iron pickaxe and an iron chestplate it the chest.

At x -375 z 596 you will find a ravine. You can even see gold by looking down it. Dont fall though because (I speak from experience) you will die.

Finally, at x -235 z 460 there is an entrance to a cave. The systemk is incredibly large and has a zombie dungeon in it. It's become my main mine because of how large it is.There's a surfacing lava lake nearby.

To the person who found this seed THANK YOU! Its by far my best seed because of the villages dungeons ravines and caves just how much iron there is and just because its AWESOME!!!!

@calebo2, you went the wrong way from spawn. Go to spawn and from there, enter the desert and go right instead of left. Follow the edge of the desert and youll find the village

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@mr.minecraft it worked for me just type it in

this sucks im lost in the desert i cant find my home how do i get HOME!

lol we posted at the same time

guess what I dont like this seed 100% theres no revens caves caverns to mine in

3 blocks back from the stacked half stone blocks at the black smiths dig straight down till you hit bed rock dig right of u and youl find a lot of coal and some iron peace out

every body remember to ad the dash and turn and walk in a rightish kind of way to find the village you have to ad the dash - at the begining or else it wont work

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Dig near the tagia biome like a staircase. You should find a lava lake which has more diamonds inside it.Near that lava lake dig up to the far right.You should find a water lake filled with more diamonds.If not possible.I have found it myself. TNT is good for the second part of it.

@minecraft lover2907

There are tons of ravines and caves. The best cave is at x -235 z 460 and theres a ravine near that too. there is also a hole in a lake between the taiga and jungle biome and in it is a ravine with redstone gold and diamonds.

and if u still cant find any, JUST DIG A HOLE

With 12w27a, there is a desert temple next to the diamond village. Plus three more villages, two in deserts, another desert temple and two jungle temples...

hey guys it took me 5 times to figure out i had a space after minecraft

ok guys thanks for the info i found some of the revins

holy @(#*($*&(@&()@*!)( i found a dam hreobrine mine under a village that i set up useing a specal seed

i found the mine at 6:10 PM

i could tell because i found a crapload of dimons and gold

oh and if you go down there make sure you make a torch path its so fn hard to get out but i got out

ill be back to see if people asked questions

This is your Spawepoint should be This is your Spawn point

Very Good Seed Spawnepoint should be Spawn Point but very good seed

Found A Mineshaft with dungeon chests have 2 diamonds in
x = 106.5
y = 24.62
z = 429.2

My Comment and another dungeon with mineshaft in chest are bucketts redstone the lot

Sorry again 3 dungeons

dig straight down at the following to find a pretty good Stronghold:
X: -108

there is also about 13 diamond near there but it is right next to a lava pool, so be careful. Coordinates are :



good seed, thanks for sharing

Nice village at X -763 Y 65 Z 241
and if you dig some stairs at X -879 Y 57 Z 341 theres some diamonds in there


I found the nether Fortress!! :D :D x49 y68 z94

Blaze Spawner

In Nether

At x140 y60 z30

havent been on it yet but oh my sweet baby zelda diamonds yeah

Go to:
z: 361
for 10 diamonds!!!

that map seed is amazing also try ppiweb you spawn next to a massive revine.

Please keep other seeds out of other seeds comments or I will remove your comments . Thanks :)

for xbox360 minecraft try worst seedever it is amazing i found so far:12 diamonds in 1 cave and my brother mhas found 22 diamonds in ave near spawn and i have found 6 dungens near spawn.
my xbox live name is:Juuggernaut QK

I found a 2nd tiny village near the mountain biome

cant give coordinates because my minecraft is playing up:(

Does anyone noticed the dungeon at the surface at
x 41.41
y 66.62
z 46.86

Thank you....

In 1.3 theres a desert temple next to the village :D

you guys dont know what your missing when you spawn walk foward and wait for 1 block to drop go down it and you enter a cave then take a right then when you reach the ravine got right tell you see lava then go straight and you will see gravel go above it and abondone mineshaft then cave spider spawner go right again and anther cave spider spawner

go in creative to find it first kind of hard

This Seed is good and all but i saw something.During the night while i was at the village i was just walking in one of the villagers houses and then i saw a name it looked like some sneaking it didnt stay for long but all i know is that it said herobrine i thought i was seeing things but maybe i was thinking i was seeing it

can i make a youtube video on this?

Of course

other then the diamonds its pretty pointless some people are looking for messed up terrain or incredible mountain. some people look for glitched villages the spawned in the side of a mountain. what i'm trying to say is its not about the loot you find in chests its about the glorious views that you find over the horizon or the beautiful mountain. like me i like scenery not fancy treasures. i mean who cares if there's 9 diamonds. spawn then with TMI, NEI, or single player commands.

We try to do seeds for everyone ;)

This map is by far the finest in terms of having multiple biomes close together. a desert surrounded by a plains, snow field, and jungle biomes. I absolutely love this seed. Plan on using this seed for my server once I am able to set it up. :D

Mine's made from sandstone :O

I've been looking for a seed like this :-)

LOL there was a zombie in a house and then two creepers try to blow me up in a backyard of a house when i went there in the day

The mine is located at X:-175 Y:33 Z:249 Also Where is the sand mine. lastly where a zombie spawner. finally flow bot is broken

You people are lucky that u can actually get pictures. Otherwise I would have quite a few pictures.

i havent seen this seed yet but i have a feeling its going to be awesome. i mite even find something out that you dont know. if i do ill be sure to let you know. :P

i also foun a pyramid with some gold and stuff but im not sure about the x y z thing.

What program do you use to give the Cartography Map?

where can i find pumpkins, i've looked everywhere and found none, i found two strongholds a ravine and heaps of mineshafts but no PUMPKINS

hey at about x:-760 z:230 there's a village with a temple right beside it its covered in sand so u have to dig some of it out. Tip: dig out the center blue piece of wool there will be a hidden room but dont step on the stone pad or...BOOM!

so far ive found 2 desert temples and 2 jungle temples....go almost due south across the ocean near the spawn point for one jungle temple....or follow the coast line to the west for first the desert temple and farther along to another jungle temple and then of course the other desert temple next to the village others have spoken of....sry no x,y,z's just hop in a boat and go look all ez to see along the coast.

this seed is the best ever

Beware a smallish desert temple. It has a room inside with a block of blue wool. BE EXTREMELY CAREFUL WHEN YOU SEE IT. There is a pressure activated bomb that will blow up the whole floor, and it's a LOOONNGGG way down. Have fun y'all :D

Additionally, I believe this is the map with a few spider spawns and chests hidden underground in the desert. It may be a different map :/

Sweet! Definetly goign to use this in the near future.

Hey anybody found any spikes? If yes please give me the coodrdinates of the slimes

Monster spawner at -264, 67, 436.

i found something weird. i found the same village exept it's made out of SAND (or sandstone). it has the same items in the chest but SAND (or sandstone)!!! what's the reason of this

I founded epic ravine.

x: -351
y: 63
z: 592

be careful, there is lava down there.

There is a nice ravine at x:-755 y:46 z:280. It is pretty close to the village near there with the temple

I found a cluster of 15 gold at X:-230, Y:19, Z: 230, its in an incredibly massive crevice/cave system

Best Seed Ever but no swamps:(

creeper36489 says:
i found something weird. i found the same village exept it's made out of SAND (or sandstone). it has the same items in the chest but SAND (or sandstone)!!! what's the reason of this. Mrtopsyt says: It is a feature added in 1.3

@Pandaz247. There is a swamp biome. You'll have to build a boat and follow the further most west coastline and follow it south. If you're on the right track you'll find an Extreme Hills biome, forest, and desert along the way.

i found a dungeon thats open at
x 39
y 62
z 45

It's a great find, yet it really takes the adventure out of Minecraft.

this is a good place
x = -807 y = 64 z = 266

So, its a bit of a distance, at X: -3500, Z: 770, there is an amazing mountain and a dungeon in the middle (with zombie spawner)

I looks like a good map for millenaire mod!

Been loving this map, but cannot find the place to make an Ender Portal. Anybody found one? My Eyes of Ender just lead me all over the place, never to a portal.

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