Island. Literly an Island where there is no other land near you.
It has a mushroom section full of mooshrooms.A mob spawner at GROUND LEVEL it's easy to reach. A huge trench and many, many, many cave systems.

Seed Code: 726243037

Spawn points

X: -284 / Y: 210 / Z: 66


X: -373 / Y: 237 / Z: 71

Mushroom Island with mooshrooms

X: -275 / Y: 284 / Z: 51

Trench filled with Iron and Coal.

X: -243 / Y: 373 / Z: 66

Ground Level Spawner, easy to reach and maybe make a mob spawner trap with.(CAUTION LAVA ABOVE SPAWNER

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It's very cool.I can't wait to play it.:)

Looks good~

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