7480933124078138035Minecraft 1.2 - 1.3.2 Seed

It's weird. Just when you think that you came across something really rare and special and all-you find it again. Only better. This seed wil generate a jungle with a temple. And a pyramid. In the jungle. As mentioned, it's weird.

Seed Code: 7480933124078138035

Spawn points

X: 176 / Y: 69 / Z: 256


X: 234 / Y: 75 / Z: 280

Pyramid in the jungle.
I have no idea how it got there. Whatever.

X: -200 / Y: 95 / Z: -350

Now the only thing that is missing is a jungle temple in the desert. this one, however is in a jungle. good boy.

X: -18 / Y: 65 / Z: 229

A really flat area you will come across traveling from the first location to the second.

X: -300 / Y: 115 / Z: -120

A Stone mountain in the jungle.

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this map looks really nice but im lazy to find the abandoned mineshaft/stronghold

this is a really awesome seed!

How did you get such great pictures? they look awesome! anyway nice seed!

Sonic Ethers Shader mod ultra + OptiFine MultiCore + A personally modified version of dokucraft

abandoned mineshaft at: 55 73 513
dig straight down. not sure yet about treasures.

I cant find a single village anyone find one?

There is a village at x: -759, y: 71, z: -342.

x: -197
y: 64
x: 189
is my house.

cool i have been trying to find a jungle temple forever love

The next seed I'm going to add will have 2 jungle temples,a desert temple, a sunken dungeon, another dungeon somewhere underground, and a NPC village. I'm excited!

I think you'll love it Lego master.


i found it to aint that wierd i just spawned near it and thought it was herobrines

i only found the jungle temple

is this 4 xbox

x: -1269
y: 72
x: -1220
another pyramid in a desert

x: 2367
y: 65
z: 2730
another pyramid in a very big desert

There is another pyramid in the jungle at x314 y79 z-725

What's the seed name

What texture pack is this? It's amazing!

You can make your own NPC village by building some buildings with doors, and then spawning 2 villagers. They take it from there ;)

There is an enormous cave system along the way to the flat area from the spawnpoint.

When you enter the temple, burn the blue wool block in the middle, proceed down to find chests with awesome stuff, then get your face blown off by tnt.
not cool man, not cool.

what texture pack are you using

I can't find the jungle temple :(

guys I don't know if you' e already seen this but under the first pyramid when you open all the chests then step on the plate and it explodes then you will see lava and you practically dig straight down from there and you find a huge tunnel sistem and I found 11 diamonds, 70 redstone and other stuff.

+ there' s another pyramid in front of the big plain cited by the map description.

this seed is the best*100000000 i love it but i had to have cheats on to tp

Got any stronghold spawning seeds for most recent update? I have been looking for strongholds for moonths and have only been to the end once, from a superflat setting which i coded and had strongholds in midair, i might paste it later

What texture pack did u use?????!!!!!!

plus the pyramids can spawn in either jungles or desrts. ha.

and the stone mountain isnt a mountain its a basin

where can i find the nether castle ?

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