751321012001253882Minecraft 1.2 - 1.3.2 Seed

some of you may remember the seed mojang fom the older versions. For those who don't, it just was full of ores. This one is a bit like it. So if your looking for a seed with many ores and stuff, here you go.

Seed Code: 751321012001253882

Spawn points

X: 136 / Y: 66 / Z: 234


X: 170 / Y: 65 / Z: 340

A village near the spawn from which you can acess a huge cave system that is so full of ores that you wont believe it.

X: 240 / Y: 15 / Z: 350

If you find this cave, be happy. You will return with diamonds, gold, redstone, iron and coal. And you will probably find some more on your way in and back.

X: 215 / Y: 15 / Z: 350

A zombie spawner near the cave from location 2. The chest contains some iron, cocoa beans, a bucket and a bread.

X: 260 / Y: 25 / Z: 395

A Cave spider spawner in an abandoned mine.

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Hey, can you get on skype? I'm having a glitch trying to upload my new seed. I'll remove this comment later.

This seed is retarded! you no why? I DONT HAVE BETA! plus IT AINT 1.2.5

It actually works on 1.2.5 as well as on 1.3.1. The only difference between these two versions are the pyrammids and the temples, which can only be generated in 1.3.1

Dude awesome seed! Can you find the coords for some pumpkins? Want to make some golems.

Great seed, playing on 1.3, any heads up on other sweet locations?

Careful on the diamond tp though.. spawns you right in a vat of lava

Sorry to be spamming up the thread but, another village at x 328.66, y 66, z -161.69

and a desert temple in the desert biome next door

Hey this map is super awesome !!
at +645 -670 is sand vilage with temple at once !!

Zero problems finding enough ores but any diamond spots?

BTW @14WONGCN1 pumpkins @ x 359.86 y 80 z 905.24

What's the texture pack?(gave u a thumbs up)


Hey admin how do i post a seed and pictures cuz i got two epic village seeds

I just can't stop playing this seed, finally hit the jack pot on diamonds and found a chest with pumpkin seeds in an abandoned mineshaft at 66.84 13 490.01

Hey admin, im kinda comfused here, with a new update they changed 1.2.5 to 1.3.1 any help?

I am wondering what texture pack you are using, cause that looks good


I like this seed a lot. Just the right amount of caves, lots of ores (Sadly, I haven't hit the motherlode of diamonds yet), and makes a good map for a secret underground base. I have already found 2 Temples, 4 Villages, and 2 Chasms that extend to Y:11.

Holy cow!! This is definitely one of the best I've ever played. Thank you so much for sharing, and the coords are truly exceptional!! :)

Need a bigger map of it. So much of it is missing. I found a 5th Village.

It works perfectly fine on 1.3.2, but the second teleport coordinates spawn you in lava, which I barely survived cuz of my armor thank god. But I survived because of my armor. I did find those diamonds. Be careful with co-words next time though. I almost died.

hey guess wat this seed works on minecraft 1.4.2 as well what do you no:D

Does it work for the xbox 360 edition?

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