Spawn in a huge swamp. Everywhere that I've explored, the swamp area, has huge underground caverns. The all have lots of resources. Skeleton spawner at x: -244.44227 y:35.000 z:89.54670. Spider spawners at x: -285.12468 y: 39.000 z: 75.45409 and x: -283.49035 y: 25.000 y:457.30000. The second spider spawner is located right off from an abandoned mineshaft. The second spider spawner also has another spider spawner right next to it. Zombie spawner at x: -334.48870 y: 40.000 z: 485.81613. The zombie spawner is in the same cave system that the second spider spawner is in.

Seed Code: 843523643758

Spawn points

X: -25 / Y: 63 / Z: 23


X: -72 / Y: 36 / Z: 19

Huge lava caverns. Lots of resources. Lots of chutes off the sides. Easy to find.

X: -214 / Y: 66 / Z: 118

Entrance to a cave with two spawners in it. Very dangerous!

X: -217 / Y: 64 / Z: 445

Entrance to large cave system with abandoned mineshaft and spider spawners and zombie spawner.

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