there is a pyramid in a desert biome the loot inside of it is not that good but it looks odd there is a mountain well what was a mountain most of it is gone! ther is an ncp town with a black smiths shop close to spawn the loot inside the black smith's hut is
good ther is almots a full set of iron armor

Seed Code: 855518805

Spawn points

X: -180 / Y: 67 / Z: 180


X: 26 / Y: 67 / Z: -498

a pyramid in a desert biome

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I'm sorry to tell you but the 2nd location is a bug. Other users won't be able to experience it. Please fix it and we will accept the seed.

the top picture wont change i have try'd but it wont change it is meant to be the picture at location 3

It's kinda cool. :)

looks good


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