-940487505897987139 Minecraft 1.2 - 1.3.2 Seed

Seed Code: -940487505897987139

Nice seed with diverse biomes. Spawn is in front of a large village with another large village and 3 small villages spread around the area.

Spawn points

X: 180 / Y: 74 / Z: 256


X: 190 / Y: 79 / Z: 491

Jungle biome just outside of town.

X: 180 / Y: 74 / Z: 256

Map of different village locations.

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I don't see what's not to like! In the first village there are 4 iron chestpieces, a helmet and a sword! The grassland has a huge cow herd and space to enlargen the village. Leads to cool hills :)

Woah, no, seriously, the river-area to the south is awesome!

the only thing i can say is AWESOME!

the villages have tons of armor, some obsidian, tons of saplings, and the sheer number of them is impressive. awesome seed! :D

Epic seed! Please post more like this.

:0 that's the best seed that i have seen in my life!

i like it

I found an abandoned mine x-186 y-16 z-538

The Village at 6:00 on the map, has a ravine with a skeleton spawner. There are two chests in the room. Also pumpkins east of that village. The south river system has a sweet blend of jungle and forest biom. Another village at 4:00, just outside the map in the middle of that bottom round desert area. The village at the top right corner has a ravine as well. Nice seed!

At x:427, y:12, and z:323 u can find a lot of diamond

how do you know where x,y, and z are?

Great seed I took the time to find more villages and strongholds...
Villages:(-272,-320)(240,-288)(768,-352)(-288,144)(Spawn 224,288)(720,528)(288,720)(112,1120)
Im thinking I have no life here but there you guys are.

Of all the seeds i played this is still the best, 4 villages, A LOT of ravines and several mineshafts & i have found dozens of spawners.

Simply the best map, im also uploading it as i explore more and more.

Update have done a sweep of this seed, from -2100,-2100 to 2100,2100, in the progress i found 20 Villages and looking at the underground there is something like 50+ Mineshafts in that area, of course it is a big area (4200 x 4200).
See it here:

Cool I tride it and it worked nice seed

Ocelots in the Jungle near spawn dunno how random that normally is

This is really a great seed! TY!

teh epicness

im masterscott12 At x:427, y:12, and z:323 u can find a lot of diamond

im with masterscott12 At x:427, y:12, and z:323 u can find a lot of diamond

Dont listen to masterscott or creepersforlife when you dig down theirs 5 creepers that kill you

wow i dont have regukar minecraft i have xbox360 verion but it sounds nice i will make a minecrafter to do it

This is an epic seed!

I found 3 cave spider spawners, 2 normal spider spawners, a skeleton spawner, and a zombie spawner in one cave near the first village!

Did a new sweep for 2013

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