-997282636745614375 Minecraft 1.2 - 1.3.2 Seed

Seed Code: -997282636745614375

For those that have looked for a seed or a mod that makes natural spawning floating islands, look no more!

This amazing seed has a giant, natural floating island at +300, +300. There is a natural broken connection to the island, with the island being half a dozen blocks away from the ground.

Underneath the mammoth island, there is a large cave system, full of every ore and plenty of easy to find diamond.

Above ground, the floating island orders a huge jungle and a swamp, as well as a tundra biome in the opposite direction.

Spawn points

X: 190 / Y: 243 / Z: 72


X: 300 / Y: 300 / Z: 90

The location of the island.

X: 272 / Y: 249 / Z: 93

Some useful pumpkins right next to the island.

X: 317 / Y: 354 / Z: 14

A very accessible patch of 8 diamond, located pretty much right underneath the island.

X: 300 / Y: 300 / Z: 90

The location of the island.

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