alzheimers Minecraft 1.2 - 1.3.2 Seed

Seed Code: alzheimers

Indeed! An extreme hills survival island with one tree. There remains one advantage to this seed that other survival island seed don't have: Animals. Yes, there are a couple of sheep and cows, but be sure to not kill them all, there aren't any more for hundreds of blocks. Travel a few hundred blocks for a mushroom island.

Spawn points

X: 466 / Y: 72 / Z: 282


X: 466 / Y: 72 / Z: 282

The spawn.

X: -259 / Y: 71 / Z: -337

An absolutely gigantic mushroom biome. I have never found one this huge, usually I can fit the whole thing into one screenshot.

X: 990 / Y: 64 / Z: 295

The mainland.

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Is there a cave system or an underground ravine?

this is a good seed

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