Artomix Minecraft 1.2 - 1.3.2 Seed

Seed Code: Artomix

You spawn on the jungly island that you can see above.

Spawn points

X: -243 / Y: 96 / Z: -23


X: -245 / Y: 75 / Z: -15

A small cave with ravines and some water in it.

X: -461 / Y: 64 / Z: 210

A desert that you can reach by swimming about a minute from your spawn island.

X: -370 / Y: 108 / Z: 438

Move a litte further away from your spawn island in direction of the desert and you will find this nice mountain shore.

X: -457 / Y: 70 / Z: 605

Some Pumpkins chillin out beneath some trees in another jungle biome.

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Looks fun,really fun.

Try Sasid. It has super awesome mountains and valleys! Also this seed is awesome! :D

i know

Really need seed!

The best seed I have ever seen that jungle island is realy cool.

Make more seeds like this.

Amazing seed! I love the scenery and the island. Nice work!

Whats the texture pack? It looks great with the seed and I bet with others, what is it?



good ausome its cool!!!!!!!

Tunnel down a bit under island, there are caverns. Follow them to X -359, Y 20, Z 40. You wil find a abandoned mine, Found 19 diamonds just walking around mine. Melon seeds, pumpkin seeds, etc. Have not had to leave the island yet! Cool.

There is at least one pumpkin on the island.

I also found another seed that starts you on a jungle island. This one is a little bigger of an island. The seed is "qwertyuiop" or 392800909

I found diamndz under a small SMALL desert island next to the spawn one :D I'll give evry one the co-ordinates in another comment when I check .

This seed is Epic... currently playing survivor with my friend in this island... damn cool

If I had a nickel for every awesome on this page... I would at least have a couple dollars. Great, amasing, creative (SUPER good in creative mode), Jawdropping seed and it probaly currently holds the record for the seed I spent the longest time looking for a cave to mine in. The overhang with water in it really psyched me out, and frustrated me to the point where I just took out the cartoghraph (very well done I must say) and found one with absolute TONS of coal. It took me so long to mine it (and i am not done mining it) I came up with a poem:
Coal here,
Coal there,
There is coal everywhere!
coordinates: X=-278.9838949267506 Y=67.62000000476837 Z= 27.470944885678584
F=2(this is to face towards one of the two mouths which are relatively close to each other, but the other one has different coordinates and it took me 5 min. to enter the first set of coordinates. 8 min. to write this whole comment (i'm a slow typer). Question: does anybody have a server for users not premium? please post the IP for me, because playing alone is getting boring and a few weeks ago I went to Disney world and blew all my money on food, souveniers, etc. so I can't afford to buy minecraft. I have made at least ten $s but minecraft is 24 $ without tax.
This seed works in 1.2.4 and 1.2.5, apparently all 1.2-1.2.3 seeds work in the later versions. I currently have 1.2.5 and the only thing I dont like is if you spawn by multiple biomes, all the wooden planks you get are different colors so if you build your house out of wooden planks, it looks like crap.Literally. One of the trees gives you a dark brown plank, and so forth to birch, which give a very white-ish plank. another question: should I download dokucraft? last time i did, my computer got attacked with viruses i could not pull up minecraft due to 8 trojans! Maybe it was because I made an account for some video game forums site. Oh man, when i went and posed my second topic, lets just say if you don't want your kids to see swearing, then make sure they NEVER EVER IN THEIR LIFETIME go to my comment. just some info: my account for minecraft.net is themasterofmine, I will randomly join server of the outdated version. You'll know I'm there because every five minutes after the last comment I posted, I post a new comment. IN CONCLUSION: This seed was epic and gave me lots of coal on the spawn point island. goodbye! ;)

never mind, i will download dokucraft anyways.
If you read that far into my last comment! sorry for it taking up a whole page!

i cant find the seed generator, please help me

Works in Minecraft 1.2.5

found an enderportal at x=-389.236 y= 39.43 z=935.87

Best survival island

The most popular 1.2 seed in Minecraft right now.

I made a world with this seed and holy crap its awesome, although i cant find dam spiders to make a fishing pole to get fish for a kitty!

ok im a little confused im new to this so what is the seed?? i dont know how to find it

when i click download it takes me to adfly page where when i click download on tat page it tries to download iLivid is tat wat i need to be able to play this map?

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To bad it doesnt work in 1.0.0 because my friend has that ver and she really wanted to play this one XD

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This is great! I built my house on the highest tree! I HAVE AMAZING PROTECTION.

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@Platinum Get in! xD

Very cool seed! PLEASE TELL ME, what texture pack was used for these pictures?


WOW that is dang cool but I know where some dungeons are in minecarft for the Xbox and so do my friends so send a friend reguest my username is robdocius

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Awesome seed!

Found a spider dungeon at x: -239 y: 22 z: -9

I found an awesome seed if you want a huge jungle. What was happening to me was every time I tried to make a world I didn't have enough trees. Put in all periods "............." That's not exactly it. Just put in all periods and you get a jungle.

Specifically, what kind of Dokucraft? i really like the water, but all the dokucrafts i see dont have it. Could you post a link?

The water is a mod: just google for "water shader mod minecraft"

go to x: -595 y: 72 z:598 F: 0 in creative mode
look down at a 45' angle and pray.

Are there any dungeons???????

this seed is awesome. just got it now and its great already. keep these seeds com'in!

I think im correct but parden me if im wrong, it works on 1.2.5 and if it worked witch i think it did..........IT SUCKS!

Jungle island! :-)

I saw that this has 2 thumbs down. WHO HATES THIS!!!!!!!!!!

can i make a youtube video on this?

Again, of course you can. If you do, don't forget to mention where you got this epic seed from.

anyone know the seed number it look really cool and i want but when artomix

artomix wen i do it wont work anyone know the number for the seed

I know a way to get the full version of minecraft for free, don't log in at the launcher screen, that's how I've been doing it. oh and the seed is good to

I really think it would help people out if the spawn point was marked on the cartograph. Just sayin

awesome seed i love it thanks for finding it

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