Bambi Minecraft 1.2 - 1.3.2 Seed

Seed Code: Bambi

Yaay! First seed for 1.2! Has a very large flat area for building and stuff, a nice big jungle and a pretty gigantic cave system. Hope you'll enjoy.

Spawn points

X: 73 / Y: 73 / Z: 257


X: 190 / Y: 30 / Z: 200

A big lavafall inside a big cave system. You'll find the entry at (130|30|170)

X: 77 / Y: 77 / Z: 177

Large taiga biome mentioned in the description.

X: 280 / Y: 60 / Z: -50

Jungle! Big trees and stuff. So if you always dreamed of playing Tarzan in Minecraft, here you go.

X: 36 / Y: 71 / Z: 211

Badass grass is badass. Badass grass grows where it wants to grow. It doesn't care if this is floating in the air above a lake of surface lava. Badass grass decided to grow there, and so it will.

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i like badass grass

isn't badass grass pot?

had to thumb it up since badass grass.

i saw a badass tree once :) Floating in air with no dirt block beneath it

I love badass grass

Ii saw ba island a another map...

Why cant we make badass jungle armor out of vines,grass,and leaves?
thats what is badass
its extra badass if it is made of badass grass
so it is badass

I only gave it a thumbs up for bad arse grass.

better than a ham and cheese and eggs that's for sure!

not to sound dumb but whats the seed?



Lol nice seed


srgnt.roxas to take screen shots it F2 for coordinates its F3

cool piece of lava

this map seed didn't work out where i spawned it spawned me on a huge dam tree which was gaaaay and if i fell i would of died!


badass grass ha ha ha
but do u know what is really badass.......................the movie bambi love that movie ... thumbs up

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i love badass grass XD


I hope you realize location 2 isn't a taiga biome...

I like it. I used it with millenaire! It has a taiga biome!

Badass grass ftw

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