bring it on

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Minecraft 1.2 - 1.3.2 Seed Cave Seeds

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This map certainly does bring it. You spawn near a sprawling river next to the opening of a rather large cave entrance. The surface might not be that exciting from a first glance but if you build up the courage to explore that cave right at the spawn you will see some of the most spectacular underground locations in minecraft.

Seed Code: bring it on

Spawn points

X: -179 / Y: 68 / Z: 256


X: -198 / Y: 31 / Z: 325

A ravine with a lavafall and waterfall flowing down it's sides. A natural growing tree is at the bottom. If you you mine out a area behind and to the left of the tree you will bump into the passageway that leads to the lava ravine. There is also a small underground lake for fishing if you mine beneath the tree area. This is an excellent home location. (refer to preview image)

X: -157 / Y: 12 / Z: 287

A massive ravine with a completely lava filled bottom. Multiple lavafalls and waterfalls pour down the sides of the breathtaking ravine illuminating the riches of the earth.Natural obsidian abounds.

X: -262 / Y: 15 / Z: 250

A lavafall flows down the side of this large cavern. Nearby lies a wealth of rare ores and gems.

X: -244 / Y: 12 / Z: 253

A quick walk from the lavafall will bring you to a lava basin with multiple natural occurring obsidian patches. In the back a group of diamonds is illuminated.

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ZazubanFound this awesome seed yesterday and had to share it. All the locations listed are very close to the spawn area and accessible through the cave system right next to the spawn. If you're facing into the cave system entrance take the passage on your left, it will lead you to the ravine with the tree. Have fun!


goldcatthat is awesome


antrobot123ITS A TROLLL SEEEEEEEED!!!!!!!!!!!!!


thecrafter138wow no dislikes?

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