CaptainSparklez is epic

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Minecraft 1.2 - 1.3.2 Seed Diamond Seeds

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Is it? Could it be? ANOTHER amazing underwater ravine seed? My first underwater ravine seed had lava, water (obviously), obsidian (only a little though), lapis, redstone, gold, iron and coal. THIS one has some DIAMONDS too! As well as the other stuff! and EVEN MORE OBSIDIAN! Also, it is not ONLY ONE RAVINE, but 2 RAVINES! I am exhausting the caps on the emphasis on this seed, but there is too much awesome and epic stuff to say otherwise.

Seed Code: CaptainSparklez is epic


X: -404 / Y: 42 / Z: 430

The main entrance to the ravine. (caution: this is a stupid image)

X: -387 / Y: 35 / Z: 433

Lava, water, cobblestone, lots of obsidian, a squid, wait, a squid? WHAT? Oh whatever. I spy, with my little eye, DIAMOND!!!

X: -424 / Y: 21 / Z: 422


X: -430 / Y: 32 / Z: 420

Wow, that is a lot of water. There are, like, 5 water sources all flowing in that ONE spot. That is weird.

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BarbaranOMGGG! THIS IS NOT DAT AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!111


JebAs Fawdz would say: Gloduis Maximus.


jenyalestinaoooh!!! hate mail!!! am i famous now??? :D :D :D


jenyalestinaactually, i'm like, "wow! 5 entire thumbs downs? i gotta check it out. I wanna see if i have any hate mail yet!" and i do! so that's epic.

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