El Diablo Minecraft 1.2 - 1.3.2 Seed

Seed Code: El Diablo

A really strange area with lots of mountains and jungles


X: 123 / Y: 82 / Z: 240

A small little village, with some pigs and some wheat. There is some pretty cool items in the chest though

X: 74 / Y: 74 / Z: 332

Another dessert temple. It has diamonds and some rotten flesh, and I think an emerald.

X: -315 / Y: 62 / Z: -100,000

A small looking ravine with little in it..That's what I thought but I was wrong. When I went inside there was a huge ravine past this one! It has lot's of lava and redstone. It also has some Diamonds and lots of areas to explore! It took me a hour or so just to mine the stuff that's not hidden! Anyways, enjoy the awesome ravine :)

X: 226 / Y: 69 / Z: 186

A HUGE ravine with some lava and diamonds down there. This place also might have some emeralds and is not far from bedrock.

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Lol thanks for uploading this, I stumbled across this in one of my worlds and then I lost the seed. This is great, thanks :D

Your Very Welcome :)

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