A sweet seed with some mountains, a big desert a snowy forest and a nice cave system.

Seed Code: GimmeCoolSeed


X: -100 / Y: 65 / Z: -20

Pretty mountains near the spawn, with some lakes to take a bath in.

X: -370 / Y: 65 / Z: -250

These weird formations of sand in the desert certainly have a meaning. But what is it?

X: -20 / Y: 80 / Z: 70

The entry to the cave system. You'll find some gold and iron, but as far as i know, no diamonds.
Poor you.

X: -180 / Y: 70 / Z: 30

Pumpkin ob is a loner. He always was and he will always be. Even when standing with his back against the wall.

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Ob is my friend.

*BITCHSLAP with epic face included to Ob*

GREAT seed!!! I found a really Coll village with is built on top of crevice as
Really cool!

There's a diamond in there!!!! :D

Sorry for so many posts but there's also gold in there :p

Another village at

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worst seed ever rocks and i know how to duplicate after the patch on xbox 360 minecraft i have 50 large chests full with stacks of 64 diamond boom

why is it that every time i try to use a seed it never works. it just gives me a random world. what am i doiing wrong?

ryan maybe you have a different version?

im tryin this seed for the first time ever ill come back onece i tryed this seed

look at this seed -671258039

how do u download this?

Scroll up in comments a bit and I answered that question for someone else as well :)

are there any seeds with npc villagers?!?!?!?!?

In almost all NPC villages there are villagers in them! Best of luck to find them!

try ppiweb it is a boss

and try worstseedever for xbox360 minecraft to.
my xbox live name is:Juggernaut QK

How do I download this seed or whatever

Go to "Singleplayer" in minecraft, hit "Create new world" go to "Options" and in the seed box put this seed in.

Poor pumpkin ob





You can also artificially make villagers. Go to single mode, create new world, and enable cheats. You can place a villager spawn egg in the game by saying /give (name) 383 1 120. The 383 indicates it is a spawn egg. The 1 is the amount (goes up to 64). The 120 is the villager ID. Changing that to 95 for example, would make it a wolf spawn egg (wolves spawn neutral). The villagers spawn with a random profession, and WILL live in villages you make, SO LONG AS YOU INCLUDE DOORS!!! Have fun ;)

those markings in the sand kind of look like butt-prints, a guy and a girl

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