i dont care Minecraft 1.2 - 1.3.2 Seed

Seed Code: i dont care

In this Seed you will find a giant mushroom biome next to a jungle biome.

Spawn points

X: -63 / Y: 74 / Z: 64


X: -31 / Y: 114 / Z: 133

Mushroom Biome

X: -75 / Y: 81 / Z: 55

Jungle Biome

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heeeeeeeey I also posted this seed to. nice

I know, but I decided to repost this because in 1.2.3 there's a jungle next to it.

lolololol i like thiis

Try and use the right texture pack. I remeber when I was a noob and couldnt understand the texure pack(no offence to others)

epic seed, this one is popular across the net. It's how I found this site. :p

This is a shmexy seed :3

The stronghold isnt far from spawn ill post the coords if someone asks for them.

What are the co-ordinates for the stronghold??

Thatsssss a nice ssssseed youve got there
it be a Sssssshame if anything happened to it
- -

LOVE THIS SEED!!!!!!!!!!!

i just used creative mode to find the strogn hold but the cordinates are x919 and z is 119 i don't have the y sorry so all u need to do is dig down until u find it.

sorry guys excuse me for below but the x is -919 sorry about that :/

one more thing to mention from all the below the strong hold is mixed with the abadon mineshaft AND theres an exposed mob spawner near the ender portal room

more awesome than the touch screen power button on the XBOX360.

its very good!!1!!!!!1

Light sabre

cool seed what texture pack is that i like it


this is best seed ever for months ive been looking for a mushroom boime this is the best (first) one so far thnx notch and the person who found this seed

Very fun seed to play on, highly advised.

hey dude great seed :D btw, what texture pack are you using in that video?


I'm a person that likes mushroom island and i like this map seed realy good and looks awesome with my texture pack!!!!!!

here's a cool seed that starts u in NPC Village, it works on every version: slimeballs

i found some lava gold and a underwater cave in the same spot i dont know the x y z thing but from the spawn you turn left and go to the big mushroom if you are at the mushroom look at the water and you should see a little island go to it once on the island if you look around you should see a waterfall walk towards it under water and look down in the water you should see a under water cave inside you will see a water stream follow the flow and youll find gold and lots of lava sorry that i dont have cordanites

how do you find the coordinates?

Y: 12 (Duh)
Z: 194

whats the seed?

There is a stronghold in this map
X: -922
Y: 19
Z: 115
the stronghold has a libary and a skeleton dungeon it and also an Abandoned Mine Shaft directly in it!!! really cool map

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there's a village in
and diamonds in

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This seed is AMAZING in the new Huge Biomes option upcoming in the minecraft release. If you are using the weekly releases, then you should check it out.

I have been trying a few mushroom biome seeds in huge mode and many of them don't work out the same (can't find the mushroom). This one still works out where you start in the jungle just a few blocks from the mushroom biome, except if you thought it was epic before you will epic your pants when you see it in huge mode.

I went to the exact coordinates of the mushroom biome picture, bu no mushroom biome. D:

Also, I spawned in a forest hills biome. But I found a nice canyon :) x:17 y:47 z:243 this will set you near lava, but not in lava.

this seed is great! this is the biggest mushroom biome ive ever seen! mostly 'cause its only my 2nd one :) i give this a thumbs up

OMG! In this seed, I got an underwater abandoned mine, mushroom biome, and stronghold

Is this a PC seed or a Xbox 360 seed or both?
Plz tell me

At X:8 Y:23 Z:625 3 Ravines intersect with Abandoned Mineshaft(s?) also ferns and Sugar Cane growing in one of the Ravines. IT'S F*CKIN AWESOME!!!!

I failed at entering the seed right. I think I used either "idontcare" or "Idontcare"

wat is the seed number or letter thing

The seed that worked for me is "i dont care" (with spaces)

how are the coordinates useful

huh thats a good map how do i make a seed

hey try with these : ilikeburritos i have explored it and is pretty cool it has a huge cave system

I have a question for the admins- i have a great seed (oH NO YOU DID-INT!) and i have been waiting around a month for it to be accepted.. has it been denied?

(nvm it was accepted)

This is a good seed only because it is very difficult to find mushroom biomes

nice seed i tryed it. enjoyed it.

Epic! Like me!

Why dosent anybody post after me? maybe im to late on posts or nobody gets on....hmmmm..........

It remains a mystery....

I've been looking for a seed like this *Faints* :-)

try chicken duck seed (chicken duck) also are there any jungle ruins?


There is a semi-buried Skeleton Generator with two chests near the desert village at x=214 y=65 z=-1228

this did not spawn me on the spawn he said why did this happen i will put up seeds soon

How can we get on this server?

i found a zombie dungeon near the surface not exposed to the surface but its in the side of a moutain my friend was messing around with TNT and after he left i found the dungeon lol XD

You guys do know that dungeons are random each time, right? I got a spider dungeon.

i'm post to be zdh525
and what is the seed name

I very love this seed keep on working!

what's the seed number?

I wonder why all the musrooms AND moosrooms?

Liked it a very good seed if you've never seen a mushroom biome before

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