IAmAHardcoreSurviverMinecraft 1.2 - 1.3.2 Seed

I was just testing out random seeds when I came across this perfect seed,IAmAHardcoreSurviver.If you go to X:-163 Y:65 Z:226 at the RIGHT time,you'll be able to see the sun rise and it'll be BEAUTIFUL!!!Also near the spawn there is some iron,but you'll have to dig down 3 blocks straight.

Seed Code: IAmAHardcoreSurviver

Spawn points

X: -175 / Y: 65 / Z: 228


X: -123 / Y: 61 / Z: 284

As in description above,there are 2 iron ore blocks 3 sand blocks below the desert.If you go beside the top one,right above it mine 10 blocks down and you'll find a 'coal meteor'.

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listen to the words in payphone at this
and your understand why i hate it

were is the seed hardcore? I want to try it but theres no Ip or seed

The seed is "IAmAHardcoreSurviver" without the "" :)

i will trie it but i know you tried your best

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