A beautiful map that contains a large Desert with two Major Rivers, a medium sized flatland, a snowy woodland forest, an extreme hill biome, a swamp, and a dense Jungle. This map delivers the benefit of having all biomes close at hand will still having enough space between each biome to enjoy there unique features.

Seed Code: Illuminati

Spawn points

X: -171 / Y: 63 / Z: 143


X: -168 / Y: 47 / Z: 138

Right next to your spawn is a ravine with plenty of water and easily obtainable iron and gold.

X: -182 / Y: 65 / Z: 75

In the opposite side of the ravine is a pyramid adjacent to a river. The pyramid contains 6 Emeralds, 11 Gold, 3 Diamonds, and 5 Iron.

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i cant rate this it is bad but got features...

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