A cool seed with 3 lavapools and some awesome hills. Around the plain you spawn in there is a swamp, forest, and taiga. There's also a few ravines and some sugarcane all over the place.

Seed Code: Kangaroo

Spawn points

X: 52 / Y: 77 / Z: 256


X: 25 / Y: 82 / Z: 240

Some cool hills near spawn.

X: -135 / Y: 73 / Z: 266

Surface stone with surface coal. It's on the surface!

X: 52 / Y: 77 / Z: 256

The spawn area. Its where you spawn.

X: 94 / Y: 12 / Z: 346

Ooh! Whats this? Some diamonds?

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I wish I could find some seed like the gargamel one, as a large biome. so far, any seed I have tried from this website was supposedly for 1.3.1, yet they didn't work.

Just tested this seed. It works. Gargamel only works for a older version of minecraft. This seed works for Minecraft 1.3.1

its ok

I'm probably the last person ever to get minecraft, so I'm a noob when it comes to seeds, is this a good seed

i just arrived and im gonna check it out

i found a tunnel with water

the tunnel led to a revine

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