minecraft is just awesomeMinecraft 1.2 - 1.3.2 Seed

Only works on superflat worlds as far as I know, but it's extremely epic and works every time. You spawn and if you turn around (if you have your render at least normal) then you should see a village in the distance once the chunks load. In this village you will find a total of 10 obsidian, 3 diamond,

Seed Code: minecraft is just awesome

Spawn points

X: 756 / Y: 4 / Z: -60


X: 701 / Y: 4 / Z: -134

A front view of the village. Can you bear the suspense? If not, keep reading.

X: 664 / Y: 4 / Z: -205

The view of both "butcher shops" as I like to call them.

X: 656 / Y: 5 / Z: -196

The first chest... it has 3 iron picks, 5 obsidian and 3 diamonds. The 3 picks were enough for me and my 2 twin sisters to play LAN on this world with.

X: 631 / Y: 5 / Z: -210

The 2nd chest... it has 2 iron, 5 obsidian and 4 saplings. That's enough for a nether portal, a diamond SOMETHING, and a tree farm. I'd say this seed is a pretty great start.

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so sry about the 2nd chest. i am very new to the site, and i have lots of epic seeds, but i forgot to upload the picture and text for the 4th image. so sry about that :(

but the 2nd chest does have 2 iron, 4 saplings and 5 more obsidian! that's enough for a nether portal if u take out the corners! I hope u guys loved this seed, and I definitely have more coming!

I have JUST uploaded the picture and text for the 4th image and the 2nd chest, I hope u like the seed!

thanks everyone for the thumbs ups. i have been going through my seeds and i have seen that, more often than not, i have a bunch of thumbs ups!!! so thanks a lot guys for your support. :D

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