You spawn in a snow biome that is next to a jungle.

Seed Code: pyramid

Spawn points

X: -34 / Y: 64 / Z: 247


X: -200 / Y: 85 / Z: 280

A Jungle temple near the spawn. Just head in the F:1 direction, and you will stumble across it.

X: -120 / Y: 70 / Z: -50

A double ravine! Just a ravine but with another ravine right underneath it.
With ores and stuff.

X: 50 / Y: 60 / Z: 650

Also near the spawn, but in a defferent direction, there is a big desert. Sadly, there is no pyramid in here, but instead you got this... thing. haven't seen anything like that before.

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village at x: 130, y: 65, z: -300
with 1 blacksmith, 1 church, 1 library, 1 buther's shop, 1 large house and 4 small houses.

also 2 pumpkins at
x: 318, y: 68, z: -212

Bah, humbug...... :-)

it is not realy a piramid more like a mountain and there is more snow then desert but it is a realy cool map!

What Texture Pack???

Doku craft with sonic ethers unbelievable shaders.

I always like a npc village

Thanks for giving the quardnence for one

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