After all this temple-diamond-pyramid-villages-stuff, here is an old fashioned cool mountain seed again.

Seed Code: Temple

Spawn points

X: 96 / Y: 68 / Z: 252


X: 160 / Y: 70 / Z: 230

Cool looking mountains. Some really cool places to build houses.

X: 260 / Y: 100 / Z: 350

more cool mountains. With more cool building places.

X: 100 / Y: 113 / Z: 90

Epic Monolith-Portal-only-mountain-in-flat-area-thing.

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i like the seed man

I made my house on top of that epic lone mountain XD


I found it i was so surprised this is a great seed

One of my favroites.

what texture pack and lighting mod is in the vid??

found a great place to build and made a village in the sky

Right beside the dessert well there is a caved-in spider dungeon with some pretty good stuff to!

is the bold looking thing on minecraft a seed or a trexure pack i would say got dangit

how do we get it? weres the seed???

It's not as exiting as i thought it would be

I take what i said back, I LOVE THE SEED

im not saying its bad but it is kind of boring dont you think?

Lol the arch thing looks like a pair of pants :)

I loved it.

its also very big

I tried the seed out. Wow it's amazing.

There's a dungeon.

Super amazing!!! I am doing a survival on it and it's epic. I found a large surface ravine(s). I built my house there and OMG i found an EMERALD!!! There is this crazy just sitting there piece of wood planks i dont know if it's a glitch or not but it's just there and it spawned there.

cool seed im going to make a village on the mountains.

Awesome Seed. Loved it :)

I like halo reach to

I like halo reach to

nice =)

Sick seed

I found a lava fall going in water near mountains

theres an underground mine close to the desert range

I saw a desert temple that is sinking in sand! XD

umm its ok. I like stuctures though

This reminds me of the old Alpha spawning mountains. I love those Alpha days... :D

The arch does kind of look like it is from a ruined temple.

I went down a waterfall and I found a cave with lava and walkways UNDERGROUND! I love this seed.

I u play Xbox minecraft this seed it awaome for it so try it out

I love this seed! I don't know how this happened but when I built my chest it had almost all the supplies that I would need. That's just crazy!

Oh I just made a castle on it. What now

Epic Seed

That seeds Awesome!

It doesn't work on 1.2.5 tekkit :( the arch is in three peaces still awesome :D

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