The_Eternal_D74G0N_Flame Minecraft 1.2 - 1.3.2 Seed

Seed Code: The_Eternal_D74G0N_Flame

A see with a lot of desert at the spawn if that's what your into. You spawn near a jungle biome, which is just a short walk away. Head inland to find a couple of deserts. there will be a mountain that oversee the desert and a forest, almost at the old height limit, great for a base. A very large jungle that has mountains within is the perfect place for you to gather your wood.

Spawn points

X: -257 / Y: 74 / Z: 275


X: -118 / Y: 96 / Z: 75

The mountain/Mountain range i was talking about in the description.

X: -381 / Y: 125 / Z: -896

An EXTREMELY large jungle biome, it lagged my computer because of the tree loading. I went to a high tree for the coordinates. even with optifine on Extreme render distance it wouldnt show the whole thing. minecrafafter i took the screens

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